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Could you help Skinny find “The Mysterious Egg” before it falls into the wrong hands?

It was in this magical universe of 11 hectares that “SKINNY”, the 20-meter-long diplodocus, lost its egg!

Afraid of flattening its egg due to its imposing stature, this giant creature struggles to enter the maze…

But “Skinny” has another problem… What if its egg is eaten by other dinosaurs or by malicious individuals?

Who will be brave enough to find the egg among these strange creatures?

Directed by Lorraine David et Luc Bernard.





Miss of Mister Food

Perrine Dumont/Noémie Rondeux/Victor Lefevre/Mélanie Consiglio


Miss of Mister Gold

Anthéa Guilite/Arthur Corbillet/Bertrand Delaude/Pierre-Jean Dehau


Miss of Mister Geek

Ellie Bellini/Célestine Dubois/Flora Scaillet/Emma Germain


Miss of Mister Crazy

Lydie Decouvelaere/Théa Marechal/Augustin Dewulf/Adrien Libert


Miss of Mister Jones

Manon Noirhomme/Gauthier Danniau/Constant Vandercam/Sarah Chaumet