Discovering the labyrinth!

9 sections to discover and as many ways to get lost…

The Giant Labyrinth maize with scenes played out by actors constitutes the main attraction but the other sections also offer an amusing and enriching experience…

The giant maize Labyrinth

11 hectares, 600,000 maize grains, 6 km of alleys
Since 2015: 1 Labyrinth, 2 adventures
A green theatre punctuated by 7 stages for a big show
the path of 13 tests: test your senses, 3D brainteaser, various challenges for loads of fun!

The Labyrinth of doors

Two thousand square metres of wooden fences.
Welcome into this tangle of corridors where you advance by solving enigmas whose answers allow the doors to be opened!

And the dark world

A part of the Labyrinth totally plunged into obscurity will awaken all your senses… Will you dare venture into it?

Awaken your feet

Remove your shoes and awake the soles of your feet… The idea is simple: rediscover forgotten or unknown feelings by walking barefoot on various materials.

Eyes wide shut

Cover your eyes and venture into a path full of surprises. Just have faith; when we can’t see, the other senses take over amazingly well.

The biodiversity Labyrinth

More than 600 m2 of mixed flowers to heighten awareness of the importance of biodiversity in preserving the environment.
Insects welcome! B&B (bee and bee) only: an insect hotel was set up in one of the alleys.

The organic vegetable gardens

Feel like starting up a vegetable garden in a corner of your garden or on a terrace? Here’s something great to try at home. A garden with old varieties of vegetables like beans, beets, parsnips, squashes, etc.

The pumpkin patch

As of mid-August, take advantage of your visit to collect and take away pumpkins. This is short-circuit distribution at its best, directly from farm to table!

Don’t forget

The children’s Labyrinth

Located close to the playground and the restaurant area, this mini Labyrinth is full of surprises for young adventurers between 3 and 8 who want to try finding their way through a labyrinth...


The giant slide

From the observation tower, a few seconds of thrills after having observed the Labyrinth from up high, and a landing at the foot of the maize plants.


The representations of famous Labyrinths

The Labyrinth is also a magnificent place to walk. Wander through the gardens and discover reproductions of the most famous labyrinths in the world.