« OhïohïooooHïo »…
The call that resounds
through the Labyrinth!

It is the call of a lord,
a lord of the jungle: TARZAN!
From the jungle to the Labyrinth, this hero won’t feel out of place.
The natural setting of this green theatre was perfectly adapted to one day welcome this child of the forest.
As in the jungle, adventure awaits at the Labyrinth’s every twist and turn.

Tarzan is waiting for you, along with Ka Dan Argo the wizard, Kala the gorilla, professor Porter, and Jane, to name just a few. Start alongside them on the tracks of Tarzan’s brother, who disappeared suddenly.

Find the magic path using the various clues scattered along the paths. Be the true heroes! Without help from each day’s adventurers, the Labyrinth risks to turn into a real jungle.


In the context of the year’s theme: “Surprising Wallonia”, this summer, the Labyrinth invites you to prolong the adventure after sunset! Like true adventurers, you will be able to sleep in an explorer’s tent (6 people max.) in the center of the maize jungle; a unique experience that will throw you into the wild life for a night! It is said that under the stars the Labyrinth harbors 1001 secrets.