“All grown ups were first children but few of them remember it. Grown ups never understand anything on their own and it is tiring for children to always have to give them explanations. One sees well only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

An enchanting journey into
the world of the Little Prince

This summer, the Labyrinth invites you to relive the dreams and the magic of the Little Prince’s encouters. Based on Saint Exupéry’s story, the expedition will be marked by funny and unexpected encouters, involving the main characters from the Little Prince : the Rose, the Fox, the Lamplighter… Once the path is opened up by the aviator, your journey begins! You will become explorers who will try to revive your childhood imagination along the way. Your job will be to help the Little Prince go back to his planet by finding clues and solving riddles. At the end of the adventure, you may also have gotten closer to your own star!


Since last summer, the adventure in the Labyrinth has continued after the sun goes down! Like real adventurers, you will have the opportunity to sleep in an explorer’s tent (maximum 6 people) in the middle of the maze. A unique experience that will immerse you in the wilderness.